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Le Blanc de Chanel Illuminating Base

le blanc de chanelThe world famous Chanel has now designed a complexion enhancer comprising a delicate texture, which glides on the skin effortlessly and creates an even luminous complexion. Imperfections immediately diminish providing you with an enviable glow. The official website does not contain enough information about Le Blanc De Chanel, but it is widely available to buy online and through high street stores worldwide. Although there are no customer reviews to read on the official website, it has received positive reviews on third party websites.

Le Blanc De Chanel Product Description

Although it is not clear how the formula works, Le Blanc De Chanel claims to add an even tone to your skin prior to make-up. Apply a little under the eye or over your make-up base to highlight the cheekbones. It retails for £38 for 30ml through the official website chanel.com. This product is not designed to treat skin discoloration or lighten the skin; it provides an even, luminous finish.


  • Sold on the official Chanel website.
  • Le Blanc De Chanel has received rave reviews on third party websites.
  • Chanel may offer skincare / makeup samples if you visit a high street store.
  • A versatile product as it can be applied alone under make-up, applied after make-up, or mixed with foundation to achieve a flawless glow.
  • Has a pleasant rose fragrance.
  • A spatula is included with the product.


  • Chanel products are always pricy.
  • Contains several skin irritating ingredients including Alcohol, Aluminum Hydroxide, and Fragrance.
  • The official website does not contain enough in-depth information about Le Blanc De Chanel
  • The full ingredients are not disclosed on the main website.
  • Does not contain a shimmering ingredient.
  • It may not lighten darker areas of the skin; it is more of a complexion enhancer.
  • Chanel do not offer a money back guarantee.


This luxury skin primer is ideal to wear under foundation or mixed with foundation to provide an even coverage. It is unclear if this product has been scientifically tested, but it is quite pricy and there is no money back guarantee.


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